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Jun 22, 2013 1:30pm PDT
. i'm your host journalism school director bob rucker. what's it mean to go green. here's a student who strives to be a living example of environmental consciousness and speaks to the mayor who is spear heading the city's green initiative. the bay area -- from family members to service groups -- environmental issues are deeply root. >>> i'm really addicted to lime green products. i got this as a gift from a friend. recycled material. >> she is a student at san jose a city college -- an english major. >> when i ask someone do you want to help me recycle something their initial reaction is -- you want me to recycle bottles -- no -- you can plant a gaden, you can stop cutting trees. you can do a lot of things to be green. >> the jnv8mb2├▒generation of yo adults have grown up appreciating the planet. >> putting money in a green project i think is what san jose's main goal should be. >> the innovation capitol of the world san jose has opportunity to do things no other city can do. >> we are surrounded by innovation. >> the latest plan green vision -- it is mapping what he calls the clean
Jun 12, 2013 7:00pm PDT
the capacity at southeast. of course, we're look at long-term and looking at green infrastructure projects. as an example, valencia and mission is a project that we hope to be able to remove millions of gallons of stormwater per year, which prevents it from ever getting into the sewer system. therefore, reducing flooding that occurs at that point. and then finally, we're looking at capacity increases in the actual transport as part of our long-term 20-year program. so we kind of have an immediate program, a midterm program, a 10-year program and a 20-year program. again, these are primarily to address storms that exceed the 5-year storm, which at this point, we do seem to see more frequency than we have historically. >> so is $250,000 enough? >> we do believe it's enough as a pilot program. because we only have evidenced localized problems 17th and folsom in particular, on a number of properties in that immediate area. we have seen a couple of other localized areas. we don't anticipate a strong need at first for this program, but if it's widely successful, we may come back to the commis
Jun 18, 2013 1:00am PDT
green reservoirs on-the-job training and is key to educate the public on others topics. your environment team has helped with the bilingual outreach program for energy efficient. our school education program provides outreach programs to public and private schools and helps to teach how to protect nature. regarding energy the san francisco watch program is a public and private program which helps thousands of property owners and we provided support for homeowners this program offers rebates to provide an audit to help the homeowners ruse the use of energy. we have the sf energy map to help the folks learn l about solar. we're experiencing with group discounts through solar at work. regarding our climate program we have aggressive emissions program. we track the city's carbon and multiple programs. we are just about to release our climate action strategies that will talk about transportation and energy where we can see further reductions locally. i want to mention that our environment program is focused on lower emissions. recognizing our climate is changing we'll want to know what the lo
Jun 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
the olives can be sized and sortd. although the olives are initially green and bitter, they're soaked for days in these special contaifers, and mixed with lye and carbon dioxide to turn theinto those familiar california black olives. >> they can tree ripen, but for the nice, firm, black, ripe california olive, we want the greenest, firmest olive we can get to start with. and we'll take--our 7-day special process will take that bitterness out and turn it into a shiny, black, beautiful california black olive. >> but what about those olive pits? well, they're specially removed from the black olives using a process the bell brothers helped to invent back in the 1930s. >> arthur bell, along with another innovation--arthur bell, along with students from the engineering department at berkeley invented the pitter-chopper. this lachine would basically takehe pit out of the olive at the same time it chopped the olive in small pieces. bell's chopped olives was widely used in the chopped olive sandwch, which was considered a delicacy around san francisco. the bell-carter family and all the dedica
Jun 17, 2013 11:30am PDT
and short term focuses are. the last program serve area is green building. the green building program helps with the assisting of the green standards. it provides innovative green pace program information and helps the city programs to get to the highest level of building standards. on this slide are 3 additional serve areas the traffic. we work to improve air quality by asking folks to walk or ride bikes. we can work with other agencies and this helps to make the city's fleet the greenest in the nation. we've been around a while and it helps educate the low income communities. we have the healthy homes project to assess and address health inequities for families. this program currently works with families to help with the healthy cleaning supplies and we've described $12 million in grant to help prompt a variety of sustainable program. the last one is urban forestry and nature. we foster environment and moisture the urban council. finally to enhance our work proposal we launched a proposal that will come up with strategies and policies for the city. the last program area to detail before w
Jun 16, 2013 9:30am PDT
changes. last year the primary viewing location was marina green and this year also marina green and piers 27 and 29. this is a strategy put in place in advance, last year to turn out to be critical. one of the positive legacies that we already incorporated and institutionalized at sfmta to handle large events and be involved in planning and on the ground to respond to needs and demands as they arise throughout events. while in 2012, there were two real peak weekends, one was very big, this year we are having three months of sustained activity and some of those events are what we consider peak but no days as big as october 6 and 7. you may recall that that we can have not only the america's cup event but also fleet week, giants' playoffs, we just anticipate that kind of intensity this year. the people plan lays out a series of strategies that can as i said grow or shrink. we are working with the america's cup event to identify light, medium and peak days, and scenarios for services that would correspond with each of those so that we can at least prospectively trying to get a handl
Jun 3, 2013 1:00am PDT
way and all patients fall unde under -- and i'm going to use colors and green, walking wounded and anybody that walks. d for delayed or yellow meaning you're hurt but you're not hurt enough. you're not hurt but that no not that bad an. and d is dead. and dead is the easiest one to determine. and how do we determine whether someone is dead? they're not breathing, right an steve said that several times and how do we know someone is not breathing? we look, listen, and feel and open the air way and we look to see if the chest is rising and listen to feel air and how long do we check for actually? american red cross o says about ten seconds and if they are not breathing we readjust the air way and check for ten seconds again and not breathing for the secretarsecond time we said say and you check the air ways twic and when you know someone is dead you move on. let's go through the categories. walking wounded and anybody tha follows directions and get up and walk and it's green. d is delayed and anybody that i injured but we don't think it's life-threatening. i is the people that need
Jun 8, 2013 8:30pm PDT
's for everyone. subway. eat fresh®. hey greene, what do you got goin' on there? nhl gamecenter. premium. yeah, what's that get you? woooooohhh! who scored? blues just scored. can i see? no. that's it! so what else do you get? on the fly, inside the glass. nhl gamecenter premium on verizon. the only place you can get live nbc national stanley cup playoff games and other exclusive features like nbc's inside the glass and nhl on the fly. you could've had that save right there. that was your guy though, right? don't miss a moment of what you love. that's powerful. we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. official vehicle of the nhl. >>> welcome back. going 18 innings and reaching 20, the nhl extends the marathon sports viewing. overtime number two. we have seen six total goals. how many hits? >> 90. 9-0. between the two teams. 53 hits for the kings. this is a great battle between two teams tha
Jun 21, 2013 7:00pm PDT
you where this is happening. it's taking place near marina green as you can see on the map. mark what can you tell us about what happened? >> it was a tan or gold minivan into the water about 45 minutes ago i'm told. a wilt says he saw a driver in the car and believes it's a woman but couldn't say for sure. he said it looked like she's going about 20 miles per hour. and there are a fire department boat out there, a red one, just in front of where you can see that rudder craft there are divers in the water. as far as the van was in the parking lot and then, the person driving was going maybe 20, 25 miles per hour and hit these bricks, launching the van into the water. he said it appeared the driver was up right had her seat belt on. he said he couldn't tell whether or not there is any consciousness on the part of the driver. but apparently now, divers are out there looking into the water for the van. that is about all we know. witnesses are -- civilians are the only ones with any information. police and fire department saying all they know is that a van went into the water ask they're
Jun 27, 2013 2:30am PDT
's very easy-- not difficult at all. >> it does the work for you. >> announcer: clean green using ordinary tap water with the h2o x5 steam machine, the 5-in-1 system that makes household cleaning fast and easy without expensive cleaners and chemicals. and new, for 2012, everything you need to steam clean your entire home faster and easier than ever before is included in this factory direct tv offer. first, it's a phenomenal steam mop for spotless floors. pivot and turn with ease as the microfiber pad lifts and locks in dust and dirt. second, it's perfect to renew carpets. use the 20-foot cord and the glider to spot clean and deodorize. third, it instantly converts to a great handheld steamer. say good-bye to caked-on, baked-on sink, counter and stovetop nightmares, and yes, the jet nozzle plus the nylon brush are included. fourth, it's an incredible window, glass and mirror tool to cut through soap scum and hard water spots in seconds. you get the 18-inch extension hose and coral cloth, plus the added squeegee leaves a streak-free shine behind every time. and fifth, there's even a garment
Jun 11, 2013 10:00pm PDT
-year program we'll be putting in gray and green infrastructure in order to abate the program. one of the projects at folsom is to put in a basin underneath a park being bottle built by rec and park to minimize the flooding that exists, but in the interim, we're proposing that grant program allowing homeowners to protect their homes during a storm. the backflow preventer would prevent backup and add to doors to prevent water from flowing in at low points in the property. we request your permission to move forward with the program, administer and again, it's available to all city rate-payers, who have experienced flooding as a result of a backup in our own sewer systems. >> what is the remedy that we're offering to homeowners? >> again, we're looking at midterm -- we're looking at immediate, this is this program that the homeowner would implement. we would reimburse 100% of the cost, which would prevent the flooding into the build during the storm. >> what is the usual average cost for such a procedure? >> i don't have that number immediately available, but it's a relativel
Jun 11, 2013 4:00am PDT
. or like this. citrus farmers are battling a bacterial disease called greening. carried by the asian citrus psyllid, the disease cripples the tree and starves the fruit of nutrients, causing them to drop before ripening. "this tree has quite the infection from the green disease." victor story has been working in groves since he was 8 years old. he now manages more than 6,000 acres. he's battled freezes and hurricanes, but greening is the worst threat to his oranges he's seen in his lifetime. "it is troubling because we do raise the best tasting juiced fruit in the world." this tasty fruit is worth more than $9 billion to the state of florida, which is the second largest producer of oranges in the world. since 2006, greening is to blame for $3.6 billion in lost revenue and 6600 job losses, according to a study from the university of florida. the most troubling sight for a citrus grower is a tree that looks like this, where the fruit has all fallen to the ground. but also troubling is the fact that there is no cure for the disease. "we'd feel a lot safer if we knew what the resolution was." s
Jun 16, 2013 4:30pm PDT
that u.s. open champions are made of. >> phil, those wedges on 13 and 15, 13 goes over the green, then 15 hits that big drive with the 2 wood off the tee. wedge to the green. makes bogey there. those two holes were really k l killer for him, then of course the two double bogeys on 3 and 5 and 36 putts, so even though he hit 15 greens out of 18 holes, phil had a million chances and just unfortunately on his birthday, it didn't seem like his birthday golfing wise, did it? and then rose, he was 4 over par on his first 13 holes on thursday. looked like he was out of the championship. he battles back. plays 3 under par golf after that. wonderful after that. he was clutch. the two shots at 18. terrific tee shot at 17. with his golf swing, he could be unleashed. he could be tough to beat in the next five years. >> we want to show you how justin rose got it done today. he began the day two back of phil mickelson's lead and this got things rolling for birdie at the 6th. two bogeys the last three holes and this is the up and down stref at the golf course that rose was able to survive and then, thi
Jun 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
is over the scene. rescue teams are out near the marina green. you see down below. about 45 minutes ago there was a report that a car drove into the water. there's an a car in the water. it's not clear if there are people trapped inside the car and if there are, how many people. the water is still high there. the high 50s is the water temperature. the coast guard is on scene. we'll follow this story throughout the newscast and give you updays as needed. >>> a brush fire damaged at least three homes is now under control. this fire broke out this afternoon at a popular park in roseville. that's just east of sacramento. and it spread to the open grassland. about 30 acres burned. roughly a quarter of that park. evacuated residents are returning to their homes now. the extent of the damage is unclear at this point. but no injuries have been reported. >>> well, the 4th of july is coming early. not the actual holiday, but the concerns associated with the holiday. illegal fireworks have south bay firefighters patrolling neighborhoods and cracking down now. nbc bay area is in san jose with more
Jun 25, 2013 4:30am PDT
of town we have the best radar return from 101 up to the north that is where the darker green is at bodega avenue and along one 60 back over to this area is our best radar run. maybe pounding on the roadways especially in the north bay. that is how it looks in downtown san francisco right now with the drizzle. it will be wet everywhere with temperatures hanging in the 60's and by noon it will be damp but we will have a tapering in the intensity and coverage and it will become scattered. 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 70's inland. >> we have wet roads and slick conditions with pooling and hydroplaning could be an issue this morning. slower peeds and extra caution and if you use your windshield wipers, use your headlights. from antioch to concord, it is looking good. road work in the san ramon area northbound 680 between crow canyon road and the valley, in the lanes until 5:00. at the bay bridge you can see the toll plaza is wet. this is no backup. >> now it is an offer a bay area home seller hopes is to good to resist, the four wheel extra he is offering a buyer at no extra charge. >> the
Jun 21, 2013 1:30pm PDT
and disability-friendly in that neighborhood. we're nearing completion of the fort mason marina green path, the bike and pedestrian path, which has not been well-striped and had a lot of obstructions in the path that have been removed. and it was a source of some of the complaints that we heard last year and there weren't that many, but we heard of bicyclists and wheelchair users and golf carts and pedestrians all interacting in this area in a not very safe way. this is really going to help that by making dedicated lanes in the east and westbound directions and that is nearly complete. the brandon street wharf, a port project, which is going to be a good viewing location for two of the team bases taking the boats out of the water. similarly, the pier 43 promenade is an area where there is going to be -- they have taken down some of the pier and added a new public amenity. we have improved the crosswalk in front of the exploratorium on the embarcadero on green tv an area that was a very arched turn and speed could provide a dangerous path of travel for those crossing the street the muni e
Jun 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
and having to stay here and work after they leave, i am more than happy when i see their greening team come through and green everything up. >> we have given them pieces that they can use, and pieces that they can't use. so we are allowing them, again, because we have irrigation in the ground so they can use, and if they put up a tent they can stake a tent in some places, they can't stake a tent in other places. so we are protecting the golden gate park asset. >> so what is really special about the partnership is not just the incredible music, that about 70,000 of our closest friends are listening to right now, but for the respect that everybody has for this park and the work that we do with the outside land music promoters to make sure that in a few short weeks, what you see out here will again be a beautiful, green, field filled with children playing soccer. >> everything pops back up, we are getting better and better as the years go by. bringing it back real quick, that is what we do. we bring the grass back and make sure that the plants are not destroyed. >> we work year round to plan f
Jun 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
the search right now at marina green. >> right you're looking at divers trying to get down and rescue people perhaps inside of the van. we don't know how many people may have been inside. >> sta >>> we're following significant breaking news. a van plunged into the water at marina green. >> divers are trying to see if they can find survivors. mark matthews is live on the scene. mark, you've been talking to witnesses out there? >> and we're hearing from witness that's the van is a gold, or tan-colored minivan and it went into the bay at about 20 miles per hour. what happened is that it hit water maybe 20, 30 feet away from the walls. but then, gab to float and floated north to where you can see that boat. the van went down out that way. they've got divers in water. the witnesses say that the -- looks like it's just one bern in the van. they don't know if it was a man or woman saying he or she was sitting up right. and didn't appear to flinch. >> this i can't imagine they any anyone is going to find someone alive? >> i don't think so. the van apparently had air was floating some people tried to
Jun 2, 2013 7:30am PDT
of how much of the work is getting out there. how many of you have ever heard of the green button, a green button? most of the panelists and audience members. it's a good thing we're here. it is a initiative launched by the white house but industry led. you should be able to get your own energy data in a machine readable format you can then give to companies, organizations like the ones being celebrated here today to provide real value to you such as saving money, improving energy efficiency, and protecting the environment. so, the green button here we are in san francisco, i can say with some public comfort that pg&e is a signatory to the green button, download my data. and basically you go to the utility website. you can download your own green button data which by itself is, well, i'm an energy guy, an energy geek. i consider with confidence. it is not interesting, necessarily, but when you take your green button data and you give it to some companies, they have amazing things they can do with that green button to, again, save you money. something as simple as if you look at yo
Jun 2, 2013 10:35am EDT
" and is a commentator on fox news. he is the author of five books, including his most recent, "green hell." as the many writers present here know, authors are not always responsible for the titles of their books. editors and publicists have a hand as well. i am not quite sure whether the all-out frontal assault on environmentalists in the title of the book was his idea, but it might well be. he is a pull-no-punches guy when it comes to the efforts of some environmentalists to invent what they cannot know to extrapolate beyond the bounds of reason and to sew fear based on imaginary dangers. i will let him demonstrate all of that in his own inimitable style in a few minutes, but before i unleash steve, i want to present a context for why i have asked him here today. environmentalism is a relatively new topic for nas. there's no mention of it in the early volumes of academic questions in the 1980's, and only a few passing glances in the 1990's -- the topic was not in focus for nas as a source of campus mischief, comparable to efforts to dismantle the core curriculum, the politicization of science, and so
Jun 8, 2013 8:00pm PDT
there. sends it out to the line. duncan keith. sweeps it back in deep. greene trying to tie him up. shaw trying to keep his feet moving. back for greene. rugged l.a. defenseman. duncan keith. played it up the boards. picked up here by saad and cleared. muzzin with a stick on it. back in to it is saad. across the line. pulls off his stick. recovered by penner. four l.a. kings. penner drops it back. sent wide by voynov who had jumped in to the play. now to toffoli for voynov. carter. makes a move there or rozsival. will avoid taking a penalty. penner. centering pass. they get it back toffoli. and a save by crawford. oduya. lifts it out to the far side and not out of the zone. good pressure by los angeles. pen we are a chance and skipped up high on the glass and finally chicago able to clear it. doughty. hands it off for williams. chicago defensemen oduya fell down. doughty with a shot and deflected wide of the chicago goal. here pressure here by los angeles early in the overtime period. chicago had the initial chance. kane off the boards and out to center ice. doughty. lifts back in to the
Jun 2, 2013 6:00pm EDT
at the moment. the only real person is to symbolize the dominance of the green movement over the world, in the same way that, for example, in the middle 80s, the french catholic church subjugate and subjugate that it has the audience up up up up up up up up up up up in the same way, wind turbines, they fail at any number of levels. a throwback, they actually increase this mission. their only purpose is a symbol of dominance. >> how the wind turbines increase carbon output? >> the problem is that wind energy is intermittent, as you know. the winds only blow for a certain amount of time. probably about a third of the time that the wind is blowing to power the turbine. which means that you constantly have to have backup supplies for when the wind is not blowing. guess what provides this backup? it is fossil fuels. fossil fuel power have to keep spinning the reserve. so even if you have the winds reduced to three energy, don't forget the carbon which goes into making these turbines, think of all of these olympic sized swimming pools devoid of minerals and including the conditions in china.
Jun 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. >> at the time of the assault he was wearing a dark green shirt, dark jeans and black shoes. >> he is described as african-american with one very distinct feature. >> blonde hair with green streaks. >> it is weird something like that to happen in the middle of the day at a place where there is so much foot traffic. >> police searched the entire marina, but they think he may have disappeared into the brush where several homeless people are camped out. >> the people that live back here don't like child molesters. >> if the suspect still hiding there this homeless man named cj says he won't be welcome. >> if they are out there, they will tell you. >> police won't say where the child's parents were at the time of the attack, only the child is physically okay and is with family tonight. in berkeley, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> developing news out of antioch where police are investigating a homicide. officers were called to horseshoe circle around 6:00 after the body of a 70-year-old man was discovered inside a home. police have not released the man's identity or any information on a possible cause of
Jun 1, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. our goals are to use green infrastructure to help protect our collection system and increase its capacity. we want to reduce the amount of power in chemicals to manage storm water and to provide those benefits and coordinate with the agencies. we have a multiple approach. we also do watershed and policy development at the citywide scale and try to do community scale level work. and the goal there is to start stacking those policies and prajz together to get benefits from our neighborhood and the collection system. you can see this slide here is our capital efforts that help our system. the storm management contribution is in blue. we expect over the next 20 years the implementation of this ordinance we would expect to see 1 hundred and 50 million gallons and a 20 percent reduction in pollution in the water storm. those are coming out of the capital projects to the regulatory pie. and for those commissioners who were not here when the water storm ordinance went forward this was enacted in 2010. the threshold is 5 thousand feet. and it requires that we have cities turn in a storm w
Jun 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
was brutal. now he's got one dead into the green again. dead into the green. why don't you grab this. look how open the face is now. and then look at where the face is at this point. shut -- just went sideways. >> now he would love to have a bogey. >> you can see from his face how shocked he is at that shot. he is counting this as a change. >> kept it so well under control through 16 holes, a bogey at 17. but 18 here, he gets smacked around one more time. >> and he just hit it right where guys walk off the green, and it's right into the green for a chunky lie. >> this is the kind of shot you want to get a little drive on, johnnie, going back uphill. you want to hit it low with a little momentum. you want to have some speed on the ball. and this is not going to help. >> well, he hit the shot at 17 the same way he did at 18, short and right with the face open. didn't release his right side. >> extremely predictable with that end of the green. happens almost every time. >> this is going to be a tough 18th hole for him. we're going to double bogey. looking at the score at 18 from the last few
Jun 30, 2013 10:00am PDT
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Jun 17, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. sorry i'm late. i was just getting my uniform together. never thought green was my color, but i guess it is now. sorry. i have some hyper "first day" thing going on here. it's ok. settle down, julie. you already got the job. right. so you ready to saddle up and hit the trail? i think so. let me just go grab my jacket. ok. damn! so, is shot hot or is she just delivery-person hot? hot hot. in fact, i might even throw in a third hot. really? you mean hot hot hot? that would be 3. very good. all right, moose, just bottom-line this for me. is she hot enough that you might think about her while you're having sex with carrie? i don't think about other women while i'm having sex with my wife. oh, sure. so what do you think about? i think about my marriage vows and the life we built together. ha ha ha ha ha ha! ah, funny stuff, funny stuff. so, how you plan on telling carrie about this little trainee? you think i should tell her? whoa, yeah, you gotta tell her. that's a great big mistake. what are you talking about? if he doesn't tell her, and then she finds out, she'll wonder why he was keepi
Jun 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
's marina green. it happened at around 5:15. police believe there might be people still trapped in that car. san francisco fire, the coast guard and dive teams are all lending a hand in the rescue effort. kpix 5's photographer alice montano is joining us by -- alex montano is joining us by phone with what you see. >> reporter: who is this, elizabeth? >> and allen. >> reporter: yes. oh, allen. hey. so i am here on scene. there's a bunch of divers in the water right now looking for somebody who they think is in a car in a van like a gold minivan. i talked to an eyewitness who has seen this gold minivan go into the bay and then it was floating on the water. it was being pushed by the wind apparently. it did not sink immediately. it floated maybe about 50 yards there -- i think -- they are putting a buoy they think the car is in there and it happened just before it sunk kids on a boat that got on top of the minivan as it was floating and tried to kick the windshield in. i guess the air bags were deployed. and as they were, you know, kicking in the windshield or trying to, they can hear somebod
Jun 26, 2013 12:00pm PDT
the green light to call a strick as early as monday. more than 98 percent of approximate members authorized the strike. the bart contracts expire on monday. >>> new england football player has been arrested and now facing murder charges. he has been held in connection now with the shooting death of a semiprofootball player. he was just arranged on murder and five weapons murder charges. they released him this morning who just signed a 40 plus million dollar deal. >>> we want to get back to the top story on same sex marriage in california. it's legal once again. >> the celebrations reach far beyond the bay area and we have been gaining reactions in washington dc and what was the reaction of the plaintiff? >> reporter: well the plaintiff said that the first reaction was tears. everyone pleased with the outcome and i think here in the supreme court inside and the supporters of the same sex marriage that gathered outside and there's more to do in the future. the fight is not over and we have to take this coming off these decisions to each state to fight for the same sex marriage in all of the s
Jun 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
with green streaks, wearing a dark green t-shirt and jeans. >> don't get too locked down, but the hair is a good description. >> reporter: you can see in this aerial video, officers were going through remote areas looking for the man. they will maintain high visible and catching this molester is a high priority for them. >>> family members are searching for an 11-year-old girl. alejandra was last seen at a !35 party in sunnyvale, alicia reed has the latest. >> reporter: this missing 11 year old is at risk because of her age. she was reported missing saturday. they were telling someone to pick her up. alejandra may be in san jose. police have been in contact with her 15-year-old cousin who says she is okay, but he is not cooperating with police. >> it is possible there may be an element of distrust between the family and the police. we asked the cousin to meet with us, and so far that hasn't happened. >> a family member has been contacted, but they will actively follow up until the 11- year-old is reunited with her family. alicia reed. >>> this is surveillance video showing a girl runni
Jun 20, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. in 1847, the green family came out here, back then this was kind of an empty canyon and sand dun area. they claimed this property. in 1892. george green who's a second generation built the truckdaro club house. there was a hotel then. it was said this was the place to go if you were weary of the dirty city and the police. there were a couple of gun fights the front door has bullet holes. i don't ever repair them. 1931 stig mond bought the property from the green family. she donated it to the city of san francisco and had a specification, i'm giving it to the city that will be used forever for the enjoyment forever of the people of the city of san francisco. it has ever since. every summer the stern grove association in san francisco rec and parks put on 10 free concerts. usually people come out at 10 in the morning it's a family affair. everybody is on the lawn with picnics and it's free. anybody can come out. it's a great way to spend a sunday. >> goes to 1-2 in the afternoon and runs until 5. [music]. thanks to the stern grove association they renovated the concert meadow. it used
Jun 23, 2013 6:30am PDT
. we annually train folks in the green construction trade and we provided the life skills. and we essentially deal with the barriers that are in employment for phone calls coming out of incarceration. i'm replying for this position. we have union experience and as a preapprenticeship program. i'm here to reply for that position >> steven thank you for your service already. maybe you, provided some experience you've had your thoughts in terms of your approach >> it's been 2 and a half years. the big you opportunity with this initiative i'll say we need more resources from city staff as well as the community. the opportunity i see are that the tech and the businesses that are coming forward and applying for the expectation they want to give back. it's prudent on our end to provide those answers for them. the frustration i had is we were not able to come up with the community benefits with ways they can engage for that's the most important thing we need to work together as a community and city and with these corporations. they want to do that. as community organizations we have to
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